Ramakrishna Chivukula

Communications Engineer specializing in information technology and network systems

Ramakrishna is an experienced Cyber Security Engineer who has built a career focused on developing secure products in the Industrial and Automotive industries. Ramakrishna has a Master of Science in Information and Network Engineering from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, where Ramakrishna specialized in Networked Systems and Cybersecurity. Some of his relevant coursework covered various aspects, including but not limited to, Networked System Security, Software Defined Networking, and Ethical Hacking, among others. However, Ramakrishna’s drive to develop a secure product encompassed more, meaning he expanded his knowledge to identify processes and planned security measures since the product’s inception.

In his spare moments, getting out and about and stoking his desire for adventure and hiking help to soothe Ramakrishna. Embracing the opportunity to explore new landscapes and immerse himself in nature’s beauty, he seeks adventure in every journey.
Cyber Security at Stoneridge Electronics