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Software Engineer

Nitin Immanuel


Nitin is a driven automation project engineer with more than 12 years of considerable hands-on work experience within the field of automotive, automation & heavy industry.

Nitin previous assignment at Volvo Penta started as an Engine calibration engineer where he excelled the different protocols to tune diesel engines to comply to emission norms. Later, in the role of Project/Test Coordinator, the responsibility of coordinating materials, resources, and logistics required to facilitate the testing and certification of engines was both challenging and rewarding. This included created sensor lists for tests and coordinating with automation teams. Close involvement in project planning and determining timeline for testing activities was also an insightful experience.

With his experience of project management and coordination, he has a new found skill of looking at the big picture and understanding all the nuances of a project.


Nitin was born in Bellary and raised in Mangalore, on the southwest coast of India. From a very young age he was incredibly passionate about automobiles, motorcycles and aircraft. Ever since he started school he was aspiring to be someone who design and work closely with automobiles.

Many years since the early days he achieved his dream of becoming an automotive engineer. After gaining a few years of experience in the automotive industry, Nitin decided to explore new fields. He realised that he truly appreciated technology and loved solving problems be it process or industrial automation. He also through the years honed his people skills and is keen to work with different teams and understand different ways of approaching a technical problem. When he is relaxing, Nitin loves to spend a lot of time in his garden growing vegetables and roses.


Project Management, Automation, Mechatronics.


Hardware Project Lead at Aurobay.